Best Places to Go Fishing This Summer

ADVENTURE fishingAdding some fishing activities to your summer holiday is never a bad idea. Summer is a great time for exploration. Whether you are looking forward to a dedicated fishing holiday or if you want to find yourself far from home be it with friends or family, you will see no shortage of new waters and challenges to discover. If you are looking forward to going fishing this summer, you have the option of bringing a boat or going on a guided excursion. Alternatively, you can wade along the shoreline as your cast nets and fishing line in a fishing adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of the spectacular fishing areas you can find in America.


Louisiana is a well-known Redfish destination. This redfish country stretches south of New Orleans from 75 miles to Venice. You can fish camping at Hopedale, Empire and Port Sulphur, all the way to the famous Sportsman’s Lodge in Venice. At any of these locations, you will find marinas and fish camps where spawning size redfish weighing 10 to 16 pounds are concentrated in schools. You can see these schools holding between 200 and 300 fish at a given time.

Housatonic River, Connecticut

fishingThere is a six-mile stretch in northwestern Connecticut of a beautiful freestone river to go fishing. In this river, expect to find thousands of brown and rainbow trout that rise to the surface. When you go fishing in this area, be sure to obtain the necessary permits from the state Department of Environmental Protection. From this river, expect to find slow current, easy wading and swimming fish.

Lake Kissimmee

Kissimmee is a lake found in the remote part of central Florida and forms part of the newly named ‘northern Everglades’. Just an hour and a half south of Orlando, you can have a great time if you escape onto the jaw-dropping 34,948 acres of this freshwater lake. Its natural shoreline is dappled with native grass, hydrilla beds and cattails. Lake Kissimmee makes the perfect location for bass and bluegill fishing. Additionally, there are many fishing camps and ramps in the region if you need to have a further adventure.


At the White River in Arkansas, you will find one of the best destinations for trout fish in North America. This river is full, clean and bright and provides anglers with an excellent trout fishing opportunities all year round. The most common way of fishing in this river is float fishing. Anglers have to float down the river with their casting lures, baits and flies.









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