Best Fish Breeds for Farming

tilapiaIf you have a pond in your compound, it can serve as a good source for raising one of the most valuable proteins in the world – the fish. You can get fish from large-scale hatcheriesĀ  which supply fingerlings at a price. The process of obtaining baby fish to grow in your ponds is similar to what you do while sourcing for chicks, turkey pouts or ducklings. To determine the variety of fish to raise up in your ponds, you have to figure out the ones that are best suited for your region, and also be influenced by the specific conditions in which you raise the fish.

Fish Stocking

Apart from the selection of species, stocking of the fish pond is greatly influenced by the size and maturity of fish. When you understock, the result is poor harvests that are not economical. On the other end, overstocking leads to stunted growth which causes fish to be smaller during harvest. You need to establish your optimal stocking rate which will mostly be determined by the species you keep and their weight.

Some of the best fish species you can go for include;


Tilapia fish species is natural to bread, grows fast, requires warm water and can withstand deplorable water conditions. Tilapia survive well in habitats that are defined by shallow streams be it in ponds, rivers or lakes. An advantage of them is that they can feed on algae or any other plant-based food which makes them be an essential part of healthy aquaculture. Due to their large size, they experience a rapid growth meaning that they are extensively harvested.


troutThe trout fish species has a very fast growth rate, has an excellent food conversion ratios and is excellent for cool temperatures. Trout are closely related to salmon and is carnivorous. This means that it feeds on other fish species and invertebrates such as flies, bloodworms, mollusks among other insects. Trout can require a very diverse habitat with most of them raised on fish farms.


The catfish needs to be skinned. This is because they do not have scales. They are fast growing fish species that have a very good food conversion ratio. Catfish can be described as an assorted group of ray-finned fish, which greatly vary regarding length. They can be found in freshwater environments and prefer to live inland. You can also see them in coastal waters. On a commercial scale, the catfish have a lot of importance. They can feed on plant-based foods including other fish and insects.




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