How to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

Since it made its mark, influencer marketing has skyrocketed, towing industries such as landscape maintenance using influencers to promote products and services. This is mostly due to the way purchasing decisions have changed over the years. People who are celebrities and have a huge following attract a decent level of trust and acceptance when promoting products to their fans. When it comes to getting advice and recommendation on what to do, or which products to buy, there are still those people we rely on for advice, as we see them as experts in their fields

Who are influencers?

Influencers are ordinary people who have earned a substantial loyal following as a result of their expertise and transparency. Unlike celebrities who actively endorse products on their social media accounts, influencers achieve their status as a result of the valuable information they share with their following.

Here are simple things you can do to become an influencer.

Find your niche

The first thing to becoming an influencer on social media is finding your niche where you want to be known. Although social media influencers start posting out content they are passionate about, what sets them apart is how they tend to focus on a particular niche within the industry they are passionate about. To find your area of influence, you will first need to determine who is your target audience and develop a unique persona that is a representation of your audience.

Choose your channels

It is important to choose the right social media platforms where the audience who have your interests can mostly be found. Some of the most used social platforms for this task include Instagram and LinkedIn. In most cases, Instagram targets millennial and Gen-Z groups. All you need is to post a video or photo with valuable content such as tutorials, sponsored endorsements, and other videos relate to a brand. On LinkedIn, influencers found there are known as thought leaders and often have a large following that comprises of people with strong expertise and professional experience.

Develop your content strategy

Just like any form of inbound marketing, the format and quality of the content you publish will make or break the chances of you being a successful influencer. You need to decide on the format you will use when creating your content. In whatever you do, you should always deliver valuable information, but at the same time, express your opinion, personality, and voice. Doing so helps in adding some level of uniqueness to the content you produce for your target audience.

Distribute your content

No matter how great your content is, if you are not getting people to see it, it will be wasteful. It is important to carefully have a plan in place for publishing and distributing content on social media. The best time for you to post content on social media will hugely depend on which social media channel you choose to use. You also need to stick out to one theme per social media channel. You also need to categorize what you post appropriately.

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