Best Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty and Retention

By now, you might probably know that the key to tow truck business growth is not just about bringing in new customers, it involves much more. It is about retaining the customers you have. Research has shown that increasing the customer retention rate by just 5 percent leads to a profit increase of up to 95 percent. Acquiring new customers can be 5 to 25 percent more expensive than retaining existing ones. These stats show how it so imperative to invest a lot of time and resources in retaining existing customers than retaining new ones.

Here are some important strategies

Invest in customer service tools

If you want to create delightful customer experiences, your team needs to be well-equipped to do the same. If you can have the right tools at your disposal will help in creating convenience for your employees and customers as well. You can make use of knowledge management software to keep your teams connected during urgent and complicated customer issues. If a sales rep needs to contact a service agent, they can ping them through the software and communicate in real-time. They will not need to put a customer on hold or set up an additional meeting just to troubleshoot the same thing.

Use reciprocity to increase loyalty

Reciprocity is a social aspect that has been found to increase a lot of loyalty. Any simple act of kindness will create a feeling of obligation in the person who wants to repay the kindness. Ensure you include elements of surprise while delivering to a customer. Surprise reciprocity is a surprise gift or gesture. An example would be sending customers free swags or tickets, without even letting them know you had intentions to do the same.  Trumpeted reciprocity is when the person giving or doing something beneficial does so in a way that reveals they are going above and beyond.

Exceed Expectations

It is one thing to satisfy a customer and it is another to satisfy them. You need to create the kind of customer delight that customers all crave. You need to understand what your customers are expecting from you. What do customers expect from the industry you are involved in? What steps are your competitors setting? You need to understand how you can meet those expectations and work towards ensuring they are all exceeded. Customers will always be forming opinions and you must ensure you listen to their concerns.

Keep communication record

If you have been interacting with a customer before, you need to ensure you keep a record of past problems. Your company culture, leadership, and business practices will all contribute to customer retention. One way to ensure you prevent future problems is to adopt a CRM system where you can store previous notes and communication, and pull them whenever you want to interact with a customer. If you can have detailed notes and a complete history of the relationship and interactions recorded, someone new handling the customer can pull out the conversation and handle the customer without many problems

How to Become an Influencer in Your Industry

Since it made its mark, influencer marketing has skyrocketed, towing industries such as landscape maintenance using influencers to promote products and services. This is mostly due to the way purchasing decisions have changed over the years. People who are celebrities and have a huge following attract a decent level of trust and acceptance when promoting products to their fans. When it comes to getting advice and recommendation on what to do, or which products to buy, there are still those people we rely on for advice, as we see them as experts in their fields

Who are influencers?

Influencers are ordinary people who have earned a substantial loyal following as a result of their expertise and transparency. Unlike celebrities who actively endorse products on their social media accounts, influencers achieve their status as a result of the valuable information they share with their following.

Here are simple things you can do to become an influencer.

Find your niche

The first thing to becoming an influencer on social media is finding your niche where you want to be known. Although social media influencers start posting out content they are passionate about, what sets them apart is how they tend to focus on a particular niche within the industry they are passionate about. To find your area of influence, you will first need to determine who is your target audience and develop a unique persona that is a representation of your audience.

Choose your channels

It is important to choose the right social media platforms where the audience who have your interests can mostly be found. Some of the most used social platforms for this task include Instagram and LinkedIn. In most cases, Instagram targets millennial and Gen-Z groups. All you need is to post a video or photo with valuable content such as tutorials, sponsored endorsements, and other videos relate to a brand. On LinkedIn, influencers found there are known as thought leaders and often have a large following that comprises of people with strong expertise and professional experience.

Develop your content strategy

Just like any form of inbound marketing, the format and quality of the content you publish will make or break the chances of you being a successful influencer. You need to decide on the format you will use when creating your content. In whatever you do, you should always deliver valuable information, but at the same time, express your opinion, personality, and voice. Doing so helps in adding some level of uniqueness to the content you produce for your target audience.

Distribute your content

No matter how great your content is, if you are not getting people to see it, it will be wasteful. It is important to carefully have a plan in place for publishing and distributing content on social media. The best time for you to post content on social media will hugely depend on which social media channel you choose to use. You also need to stick out to one theme per social media channel. You also need to categorize what you post appropriately.

Understanding the Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing

Most of you might have come across Tim Ferris’s iconic book on the four-hour work week, and probably dreamt of getting into that life. This is where the concept of passive income comes in. You might be providing towing services in Raleigh and your employees are well disciplined to work for you, such that money trickles in while you sleep. Asides owning a brick and mortar business, it is the dream of most entrepreneurs to build an online business that gets a lot of traffic, where they can monetize their traffic and earn through being affiliates.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the world’s most popular methods of generating passive income online. It is performance-based marketing in which a retailer rewards a business or person with a commission for each customer referred via the promotional activities of the person’s or businesses’ website.

In affiliate marketing, there are four parties involved.

Affiliates: They are the promoters of your products

Product creators: They create the product

Networks: They are the networks managing the affiliates

Consumers: They are the end-user of the product

Who are the affiliates

An affiliate, also known as a publisher, can be a company or individual. They are typically bloggers or content creators who operate in the industry of the product they are creating. Their work is to promote products or services by creating content such as blog posts, videos, and other forms of media. They can also promote their content by putting their ads, building an email list, and capturing traffic from SEO.

Who are the merchants

A merchant is also known as a product creator or advertiser. They are typically the creators of the product or service. They offer commissions to those who refer people to their businesses, where each referral translates to a successful purchase or sale.

Who are the affiliate networks?

Next, we have the affiliate networks, which act as intermediaries between the merchants and their affiliates. Though these networks are not necessary, some companies choose to work with these networks to add a layer of trust. Their work is to manage relations and offer third party checks and balances.

Who are the consumers

Consumers are the ones who make transactions. They purchase the product or service and keep the business going. Without consumers, an affiliate will not be able to earn their commissions.

The working of affiliate marketing

As an affiliate, you will be paid whenever a visitor creates a transaction. This transaction could be anything, be it a click, a sale, or lead form submission. In most cases, affiliate marketing is performance-based. This means you only get paid as an affiliate if your visitor takes an action. There are different affiliate marketing models used, which include; pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale. To start affiliate marketing, all you need is to choose a platform or niche, build your audience, sign up for affiliate program, choose the products or services to promote and create remarkable content that promotes your affiliate products.

Best onboarding practices to ensure your customers’ success

A lot has been written about customer success with a focus on structuring and hiring the right teams, retaining customers, cross-selling, and up-selling. While all these areas are very important, nothing much has been written when it comes to one of the most important processes, which is onboarding customers. Businesses dealing with pressure washing services in Fredericksburg have masters the art of onboarding their customers. On-boarding is a very important process and determines both the short term and long term user retention.

Here are some important ways to onboard effortlessly

Align with sales

A great customer on-boarding process starts with sales. The expectations set by the sales team determine the next course of action customers take after making a purchase and will greatly influence the customers’ on-boarding process. Sales teams should ensure they clear away any misaligned expectations. After purchase strategies will play a key role in turning a customer into a loyal one. Businesses should spend a lot of time working on pre-sales content, speaking to prospects, and training teams to offer the best sales experience.

Create content

A great and scalable way of setting expectations about what onboarding process for a customer should be is to work on content on web pages, downloadable stuff, and other materials that make customer concerns be addressed in a seamless manner. Businesses should invest their time and resources in creating content that markets their products. Always keep visuals as great as possible.

Speak to prospects

It is very important for sales teams to spend their time to speak to prospects even before they make signup. Such speaking will build credibility and help in setting the right expectations. It will also give the on-boarding team a greater sense of hesitations and concerns on the customer side, which when addressed, will ease the on-boarding process.


When a customer makes a purchase, we normally think they are happy and excited about the purchase decision they have made. You need to capitalize on this excitement and keep the momentum going post-sale. Make a connection with the customer within 24 hours after purchase. Failure to do so may lead to dwindling of motivation as other projects and priorities come across your desk. Ensure the customer doesn’t experience buyer remorse as such feelings would hurt your business.

Do your research

As a rule of thumb, whatever amount of time you plan to spend with a customer during your first interaction, ensure you spend an equal amount of time preparing for the discussion. In the early days, a new customer will not have built up trust in your product or services. You need to ensure you know the ins and outs of your business to ensure all customer concerns are addressed in the most appropriate manner.

Additionally, for any interaction, you have with your customers, always ensure it adds value to their lives. Your products and services must add value as well. Ensure you are honest in your business dealings and set clear expectations.

How to Start Fish Farming Business

fishAny business, be it a Tow Truck or  fish based business can be a good venture to generate you a lot of money. Even if you don’t have a farming background, you can quickly make a good income from the comfort of your home using essential fish farming practices. Fish is nowadays a top-rated product that is used as a good source of protein. Eating fish also comes with a lot of benefits. Additionally, fish farming has its advantages. You can use the waste resulting from your kitchen as feeds for fish. You can also use waste from fish as fertilizer if you have a garden.

Starting a Fish Business

If you are thinking of starting fish farming, you have to consider some important factors that may be the main difference between your success and failure. The first factor is selecting a suitable land. For commercial fish production, the use of earthen ponds can be very ideal for fish farming. When deciding land keep in mind issues such as soil type, the source of water, availability of water and transportation issues.

Choice of Land

Select land that is relatively level. A slope of about 1% is quite ideal. Select land by keeping in mind any future expansion plans. Select land that is large enough for all your fishing activities. Avoid selecting land that is close to crops. Ensure that there is the availability of an excellent source of water streams. Determine the soil quality to ensure that it ensures maximum productivity.  A suitable transportation system is critical to ensure that your fish reach the market as quick as possible.

Pond Construction

fish pondThe construction of the pond should be done according to professional levels. Choose a design that ensures maximum growth of your fish. Each fish species requires some different type of pond design that promotes growth. After you have selected your desired fish species, ensure that there is good growth for maximum productivity. You may consider contacting your local fishery department for advice to get some useful suggestions on fish designs and suitability of species.

Fish Species

After you have an excellent location and constructed the ponds, select the right or proper fish species. Your choice of species will be determined by factors such as market demand, weather, climatic conditions and farm location. Tilapia is one fish species with colossal demand. You can also start culturing other fish species such as catfish, olanda, trout, koi fish among others.

Best Fish Breeds for Farming

tilapiaIf you have a pond in your compound, it can serve as a good source for raising one of the most valuable proteins in the world – the fish. You can get fish from large-scale hatcheries  which supply fingerlings at a price. The process of obtaining baby fish to grow in your ponds is similar to what you do while sourcing for chicks, turkey pouts or ducklings. To determine the variety of fish to raise up in your ponds, you have to figure out the ones that are best suited for your region, and also be influenced by the specific conditions in which you raise the fish.

Fish Stocking

Apart from the selection of species, stocking of the fish pond is greatly influenced by the size and maturity of fish. When you understock, the result is poor harvests that are not economical. On the other end, overstocking leads to stunted growth which causes fish to be smaller during harvest. You need to establish your optimal stocking rate which will mostly be determined by the species you keep and their weight.

Some of the best fish species you can go for include;


Tilapia fish species is natural to bread, grows fast, requires warm water and can withstand deplorable water conditions. Tilapia survive well in habitats that are defined by shallow streams be it in ponds, rivers or lakes. An advantage of them is that they can feed on algae or any other plant-based food which makes them be an essential part of healthy aquaculture. Due to their large size, they experience a rapid growth meaning that they are extensively harvested.


troutThe trout fish species has a very fast growth rate, has an excellent food conversion ratios and is excellent for cool temperatures. Trout are closely related to salmon and is carnivorous. This means that it feeds on other fish species and invertebrates such as flies, bloodworms, mollusks among other insects. Trout can require a very diverse habitat with most of them raised on fish farms.


The catfish needs to be skinned. This is because they do not have scales. They are fast growing fish species that have a very good food conversion ratio. Catfish can be described as an assorted group of ray-finned fish, which greatly vary regarding length. They can be found in freshwater environments and prefer to live inland. You can also see them in coastal waters. On a commercial scale, the catfish have a lot of importance. They can feed on plant-based foods including other fish and insects.




Best Places to Go Fishing This Summer

ADVENTURE fishingAdding some fishing activities to your summer holiday is never a bad idea. Summer is a great time for exploration. Whether you are looking forward to a dedicated fishing holiday or if you want to find yourself far from home be it with friends or family, you will see no shortage of new waters and challenges to discover. If you are looking forward to going fishing this summer, you have the option of bringing a boat or going on a guided excursion. Alternatively, you can wade along the shoreline as your cast nets and fishing line in a fishing adventure.

Let’s take a look at some of the spectacular fishing areas you can find in America.


Louisiana is a well-known Redfish destination. This redfish country stretches south of New Orleans from 75 miles to Venice. You can fish camping at Hopedale, Empire and Port Sulphur, all the way to the famous Sportsman’s Lodge in Venice. At any of these locations, you will find marinas and fish camps where spawning size redfish weighing 10 to 16 pounds are concentrated in schools. You can see these schools holding between 200 and 300 fish at a given time.

Housatonic River, Connecticut

fishingThere is a six-mile stretch in northwestern Connecticut of a beautiful freestone river to go fishing. In this river, expect to find thousands of brown and rainbow trout that rise to the surface. When you go fishing in this area, be sure to obtain the necessary permits from the state Department of Environmental Protection. From this river, expect to find slow current, easy wading and swimming fish.

Lake Kissimmee

Kissimmee is a lake found in the remote part of central Florida and forms part of the newly named ‘northern Everglades’. Just an hour and a half south of Orlando, you can have a great time if you escape onto the jaw-dropping 34,948 acres of this freshwater lake. Its natural shoreline is dappled with native grass, hydrilla beds and cattails. Lake Kissimmee makes the perfect location for bass and bluegill fishing. Additionally, there are many fishing camps and ramps in the region if you need to have a further adventure.


At the White River in Arkansas, you will find one of the best destinations for trout fish in North America. This river is full, clean and bright and provides anglers with an excellent trout fishing opportunities all year round. The most common way of fishing in this river is float fishing. Anglers have to float down the river with their casting lures, baits and flies.